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April 9, 2023

Joining the regular Hell Spin Gaming tournament is the finest method to advance your casino experience. The Highway to Hell tournament is a single slot machine competition. You gain points for the leaderboard with each dollar you spend on slot machine games, and it resets each day. The event excludes table games and games with a live dealer.

Competition Highway to Hell on Hell Spin Casino

If you win, you’ll receive a share of a €500 prize pool or a number of free spins on the Four Lucky Diamonds slot machine. Each day there are forty winners, and the top prize is €150. There is a 3x rollover requirement on tournament prizes, including earnings from free spins, if you are fortunate enough to win.

The Highway to Hell competition is open to everyone. To participate, simply go to the tournaments page and click the participate button. If you intend to play slots, you might as well enter the competition first. You can enter the event for free, and you never know when you might be fortunate enough to win.

Even though the Highway to Hell Tournament is excellent, we were sad that it was the only one offered during our assessment of In the future, we anticipate the addition of tournaments for table games and other games on the website.

With the Hell Spin VIP Program, you can earn rewards.

Characterized Hell Spin Casino Logo, VIP Program

The fun VIP rewards programme that Hell Spin Casino gives is an additional advantage. If you reach the top tier, you can receive a bonus of up to €500 and comp points as you go.

Once a player makes their initial deposit, they are instantly enrolled in the VIP programme. After that, every dollar you wager on any game, including slots, table games, and live dealer games, will earn you one comp point.

You can receive hell points in addition to comp points for every one you earn. Your hell points never expire, but your comp points are refreshed every fifteen days. Hell points can always be converted into bonus money. One euro is equal to 250 hell points.

You can move up the VIP programme tiers by earning more comp points. The programme has twelve tiers, and as you go through them, you receive new benefits. The VIP levels and their benefits are summarised below.

Comp Points for VIP Level Required to Level Up Benefits of Leveling Up

1 100 CP

Free 10 Platinum Lightning spins

2 500 CP

twenty unrestricted spins on Lucky Lady’s Clover 3 for 1,000 CP

thirty unblocked rounds of Spin and Spell

50 bonus spins on Aztec Magic Deluxe and 4 2,500 CP worth €5.

100 free spins on Aztec Magic Delux and 5,000 CP for €10.

6 10,000 CP €15 + 1,000 HP

7 17,500 CP €20 + 5,000 HP

8 40,000 CP €50 + 15,000 HP

9 100,000 CP €75 + 25,000 HP

10 200,000 CP €125 + 50,000 HP

11 450,000 CP €200 + 100,000 HP

12 600,000 CP €500 + 200,000 HP


Every 15 days, your comp points reset, allowing you to repeatedly earn the same incentives. That is encouraging for low-stakes players who might never advance above the first few tiers, but it offers less value for high-stakes players.

For instance, a low-stakes player can get ten free spins after spending at least $100 over the course of fifteen days. Assume that every fifteen days, this gamer will spend €100. They would have wagered €2,400 and accumulated 240 free spins at the end of the year.

That player may reach level 3 before the year is over in a conventional VIP programme that doesn’t reset, but they would only receive 60 free spins because prizes are only given out when a player levels up. As a result, they benefit significantly more when they consistently receive the tiniest benefits.

However, let’s imagine a high-stakes player places a bet of €10,000 every fifteen days. Every fifteen days, they would advance to level 6, earning a payout of €15 and 1,000 hell points. They would risk a total of €240,000 over the course of a year, earning €360 and 24,000 hell points.

The high-stakes gamer would attain level 10 if they were successful in maintaining their standing the entire year. Climbing the ranks would net them €300, 96,000 hell points, and 210 free spins. Those hell points might be exchanged for a further €384 reward. For high-stakes players, it is obvious that preserving their status will enable them to receive bigger payouts.

We were dismayed that the Hell Spin VIP programme reset so frequently when we first examined it. But after doing the arithmetic, we discovered that frequent resets actually offer low-stakes players greater rewards. Since few people can afford to spend €20,000 a month on gaming, this approach is much more advantageous for most participants.

There are many other casinos that offer more beneficial programmes that cater to high rollers, thus high stakes players may not appreciate this programme. We appreciate that Hell Spin Casino provides a system that functions for the majority of us.

Casino Welcome Bonuses From Hell

Hell Spin Casino Bonuses, Gold Coin Treasure Chest

You don’t have to wait until you’ve reached level 2 to begin earning bonuses, even though the VIP programme is one way to gain bonuses on Hell Spin. You may take advantage of Hell Spin Casino’s fantastic welcome bonus package on your first and second deposits to the site.

You will receive a 100% deposit match when you make your initial investment of at least 15 AUD. With that bonus, you can claim up to 300 AUD. You also earn 100 free spins for Pragmatic Play’s Wild Walker slot machine in addition to the bonus money. You will receive 50 free spins automatically, followed by another 50 24 hours later because the free spins are released in chunks.

You can make another deposit to receive another bonus once you’ve fulfilled the rollover requirements for the initial deposit bonus. The second deposit bonus package includes 50 additional free spins on the Hot to Burn Hold and Spin slot game as well as a 50% deposit match up to 900 AUD.

You will get 1,200 AUD in bonus money and 150 free spins if you take advantage of both of these promotions’ maximum bonus amounts. Over the course of those two deposits, you would need to deposit a total of 2,100 AUD.

The bonus sum for both bonuses is subject to a 40x wagering requirement. However, your deposit amount is exempt from the rollover requirement. Here are a few illustrations of various deposits and the necessary rollovers for each. Rollover for a deposit of $100 Deposit rollover of A$500 Deposit rollover of $1,000 Rollover for a deposit of A$1,800

First Deposit: $4,000, $12,000, $12,000, and Second Deposit: $2,000, $10,000, $20,000, and $36,000

You’ll observe that the first deposit’s rollover requirement is never more than A$12,000 in total. This is due to the fact that, despite making a larger deposit, the maximum bonus is just A$300. The fact that the rollover requirement is not dependant on your deposit size means that it remains the same.

Although the initial deposit bonus has a smaller maximum bonus amount, it has a larger match percentage. To receive the maximum bonus on your first deposit, it is therefore preferable to make a deposit of $300 first. Save the remainder for the second incentive if you want to deposit more than $300 Australian dollars. You must deposit 1,800 AUD in order to take full advantage of the second incentive. As you choose the amount to deposit each time, keep those sums in mind.

These welcome bonuses are an excellent way to get started with Hell Spin Casino. You receive bonus money that is added to your bankroll, giving you more resources with which to play any of the $4,500+ casino games. Additionally, you receive free spins on two of Pragmatic Play’s most well-known games.

Hell Spin Casino Mobile Play

Mobile Devices Show Hell Spin Casino

We can easily do everything from our phones thanks to advances in mobile technology. This includes the capability of accessing casinos through a phone or other mobile device.

The website for Hell Spin Casino is mobile-friendly. This indicates that it makes use of cutting-edge technology to make the website responsive to the device you are using. Therefore, you may access the Hell Spin website from any device, and it will modify itself to meet the screen size of that device.

There are more than 4,500 casino games on both the desktop and mobile sites, as well as several bonuses and easy financing methods. On Hell Spin, everything that you can do on a computer, you can also do on a phone or tablet.

The desktop and mobile webpages can have a few minor changes. For instance, if you visit Hell Spin on a desktop, the site navigation is always visible on the left side of the screen. On your phone, however, that menu will be concealed until you hit the menu button to make it visible.

Another distinction is that the majority of mobile casino games let you swivel the screen to play in either portrait or landscape orientation. The game typically fills up the majority of the screen when we play them in landscape mode, but you can adjust the game to suit your tastes.

The website now works better on mobile devices as a result of these changes. However, they have no impact on the selections or games that you will find on the website. The two webpages are nearly identical.

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