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Fun Things to Do in Gamboa Rainforest

Last Updated On: 8/3/2014

The small town of Gamboa in the Republic of Panama is located close to Soberania National Park and the lush rainforests surrounding the Chagres River. The abundance of bird species turns the place into a perfect spot for bird watching but tourists can enjoy a range of other interesting activities.

I participated in my first Gamboa rainforest tour several years ago, acquainting myself with the lush nature of the region. Want to follow in my footsteps? Gamboa rainforest has many interesting possibilities to offer and here is my list of the most exciting ones.

Gatun Lake Expeditions

Located on one of the Chagres River bends, Gamboa offers excellent Lake Gatun exploration opportunities.

A large artificial lake, Gatun was created in 1913. Today, you can take a boat through the Panama Canal and explore its beauty. Several islands along the way are the home of capuchin monkeys that could potentially become curious and show themselves to the visitors.

The tour will acquaint you with other interesting animal species like crocodiles and sloths. The duration of the boat ride is one hour. Make sure that you have sufficient quantities of sunscreen to protect yourself from the intense Panama sun.

Gamboa Aerial Tram

I was left speechless the first time I got an opportunity to view the rainforest from above. The thick greenery and the colorful birds look as if taken out of a postcard. If you want to experience the Gamboa rainforest in the same way, you will need to try the Gamboa aerial tram.

The aerial tram glides through the trees and covers a distance of 1.2 kilometer (0.75 miles). A tour guide will come with you and tell you a bit more about the unique plants and the animals inhabiting the rainforest.

This Gamboa rainforest tour will end at the Observation Tower that reveals the most spectacular panoramic view. You will see the length of Chagres River, the Panama Canal and the town of Gamboa itself. Make sure that you have brought your best camera to the location.


Are you interested in a slightly more dynamic Gamboa rainforest activity? Kayaking will be a wonderful option for exploring the region’s nature and experiencing an adrenaline rush at the same time.

You can paddle across the Gatun Lake, see the wild monkeys and take in all of the mountain’s magnificence. The view is like no other you have ever seen. Don’t worry if you have never tried kayaking before – there are learning opportunities for anyone interested in mastering this activity.

Nighttime Safari

The rainforest is a completely different place at night and you will get to explore all of its features by choosing a nighttime safari tour.

Going to the rainforest during the night will give you an opportunity to see the capybaras, sloths and turtles in their natural habitat. The tour will continue approximately 30 minutes and you will get a lot of information from the guide who will also use a torch to discover some of the interesting rainforest animals in the darkness.

Gamboa rainforest has a lot to offer, if you are interested in nature exploration. A medley of Gamboa rainforest tour opportunities exist – think about the activities you enjoy the most and search for a tour that corresponds to your interests.