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Last Updated On: 2/8/2013

Fearing the worst from the Northeast blizzard, airlines have canceled 3,387 flights through Saturday.

At 12:42AM Friday, live flight tracking services provider FlightAware was reporting the folloiwing cancellations:

* Thursday - 581

* Friday - 2,307

* Saturday - 499

The cancellations could have ripple effects across the U.S.

The weathermen are forecasting the blizzard will be a big one and could hit Boston, Providence, R.I., Hartford, Conn., and other New England cities with up to two feet of snow.

The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency is readying for a historic storm.

The agency's spokesman Peter Judge told the New York Times, "From our perspective, this is a very severe, blizzard-type storm that we haven’t had for quite a long time.”

New York City is expecting 14-15 inches of snow.

No fee Changes

Delta Air Lines has announced that it'll let passengers affected by the winter storm make one-time changes to their schedules without extra fees.

Other U.S. airlines will likely do the same.

Passengers scheduled to travel this weekend are advised to check their airline's web site and/or call the toll-free number before venturing out in the icy weather.