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Last Updated On: 7/8/2013

Is there a traveler anywhere who has not gotten enraged at the sight of those odious bed bugs.

The scourge of travelers, bed bugs can easily hitch-hike back home with you via the luggage that you keep in hotel rooms and airplanes.

But help could be at hand for harried travelers.

Bed Bug Fighting Luggage

Bed Bug Proof Luggage

Luggage manufacturer ThermalStrike is promising relief for all those bed bug weary travelers with two new offerings.

To fight bed bugs, ThermalStrike says it's deployed state-of-the-art infrared heat technology in its luggage.

Infrared heat is said to use wavelength energy to penetrate through objects faster, more completely and more evenly compared to other heating techniques.

The infrared heat technology built into ThermalStrike's luggage is said to slowly raise the temperature of the hard-sided luggage to 140-degrees fahrenheit.

At that temperature, all stages of bed bugs and eggs are supposedly killed in about 2.5 hours, without the use of any chemicals.

ThermalStrike says its luggage features an ultra-thin heating system with an integrated thermometer to automatically shut off after reaching the desired temperature to kill bed bugs.

Three Offerings

ThermalStrike luggage comes in three versions:

* 20" carryon costing $349

* 24" upright costing $399

* A match set including both models for $709

The luggage includes TSA locks and pivot wheels.

ThermalStrike's luggage pieces are said to be compliant with Transportation Security Administration and Federal Aviation Administration standards!