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If you are traveling for the first time, you literally have millions of cities to travel to.  How do you narrow down the choices?  Easy.  Who are you?


Get out a piece of paper.  What are you interested in?

I like crime and ghosts.  When I visited San Antonio, Texas, my friend took me to some train tracks where a bus full of children were killed.  Supposedly, if you put your car in neutral on the tracks, your car will slowly start to move forward.  The catch was that it was the dead children pushing it off the tracks.  When the car stopped, you would see several small fingertips on the back bumper.  My friend took me out to the tracks to try this.  Now the street and the tracks were as straight as can be; there was no way that the car was on an angle which would allow gravity to take over.  My friend parked the car on the tracks, and sure enough, it started to inch forward.  It did not stop until the car was far enough away to not be hit if there really was a train coming.  It was cool and freaky at the same time when I did see what looked to be fingertips on the back bumper, and it got me interested in the possibility of ghosts.

I constantly tune into shows like Ghost Hunters, A Haunting, 48 Hours, I almost Got Away With It, etc.  No, I am not grooming myself for a life of crime and then how to haunt those who do me in.  I want to go to places that have ghosts such as The Tower Of London, and cities that have had famous criminals like Al Capone.  I just think it would make for an interesting way to take a trip besides visiting important monuments like Buckingham Palace and the Willis Tower.

So, what do you like--history, architecture, art, beaches, mountains--what?  I mean, come on, this is your chance to really live.  At the end of your life, what do you want to remember--living it up or wishing you did?


Maybe it is your job, maybe it is your significant other, your life is boring, family, whatever.  Now is your chance to get away from it.  Now is where you consider what city and country is the exact opposite of what you encounter everyday. 

The idea is to get away from your comfort zone.  Go someplace that you would not normally consider. I don't particularly like heights, but a hot air balloon ride would capture some of the finest photos.

It is when you get away from what you encounter everyday that a person begins to discover who they are.

So, where should you take a trip? Make this moment in your life extraordinary.  Carpe Diem!


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