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Dubai Sports World and Cultural Festivals Take Place in Dubai This July

Last Updated On: 7/1/2014

July is the month during which Dubai Sports World – the most prominent indoors sports championship in the Middle East– will take place. Since the Holy Month of Ramadan will be taking place during July, as well, Dubai visitors will also get to experience a medley of cultural and art festivals that will tell more about the Islamic tradition of fasting.

To make the most of your Dubai stay, you can pick among a medley of beautiful and modern hotels. All of these spectacular places are ready to welcome visitors from all parts of the world and guarantee an enjoyable, exciting stay. In addition, some of them provide Dubai hotel deal with free breakfast, catering to the need of the traveler on a budget.

Dubai Sports World

Dubai Sports World 2014 will be taking place until August 30, 2014 in the Dubai World Trade Center.  Some of the exciting events that will be hosted in the cool, spacious and modern arena include rugby, basketball, football, tennis, running, skateboarding and volleyball.

Apart from the competitive part of the event, Dubai Sports World features many other exciting opportunities for the visitors. On June 21, boxing legend David Haye attempted to set a Guinness World Record for the largest boxing lesson. Though his attempt failed, Haye still managed to involve 368 boxing fans in the lesson.

Don’t worry if you missed the boxing demonstration – Haye has promised to repeat the world record lesson in 2015. The attempt is once again going to take place in Dubai.

The Holy Month of Ramadan

The Holy Moth of Ramadan can give you a really exciting opportunity for experiencing the culture and traditions of Dubai. You will learn a lot about the traditional fast but you will still benefit from Dubai hotel deals with free breakfast.

Most of the entertainment spots will be open after 7pm. Many of them will host concerts and artistic displays that help visitors immerse themselves in the Islamic culture.

Keep in mind that the majority of cafés and restaurants will be closed down during the day. A few may have a private area available and ready to service tourists. Most of the supermarkets will still be open.

The majority of Dubai hotels have their restaurants open and ready to service customers who are non-fasters. In the end of the day, make sure that you try the Iftar buffets. These offer a range of delicious and amazing foods that fasters are allowed to consume after sunset. Visiting during this time of the year will create a unique and amazing opportunity to explore Dubai and see it like you have never experienced it before.

If you are wondering about the best Dubai hotel deals with free breakfast, you may consider Park Hyatt Dubai. The luxurious accommodation facility is located right next to Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club. You will find yourself minutes away from the center and all of the splendid shopping opportunities that Dubai has to offer. The hotel has a lot to offer including 24/7 room service, a bar, a barber shop, a business center, wakeup service, free parking, high-speed internet and a sauna.

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