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Los Angeles Sydney $1392 round trip
New York London $905 round trip
Chicago Mumbai $844 round trip
Washington Beirut $741 round trip
San Francisco Manila $890 round trip
New York London $2341 round trip
Los Angeles Tokyo $3090 round trip
New York Mumbai $3026 round trip
Newark Madrid $3324 round trip
Los Angeles Shanghai $3777 round trip
Last Updated On: 6/19/2012

If you have friends or family members who travel on work and/or pleasure, and who doesn't these days, you must have heard their pet peeves. American travelers complain endlessly about their flights never being on time, the interminable waits on the tarmac, the long lines, countless add-on fees, groping by the security personnel and, the most distressing of all, missing baggage. More than likely, you enthusiastically joined your friends and relatives in the vocal condemnation of airlines as you recollected the numerous late arrivals leading to missed appointments, missed connecting flights and other woes. But if you believe the U.S. airlines, things are now looking up for American travelers. Airlines for America (A4A), the trade organization for leading U.S. airlines, is tooting its horn over "the best industry on-time performance in more than two years and the best-ever monthly baggage-handling performance." Citing data from the Department of Transportation's Air Travel Consumer Report released on June 14, the airlines' association says that 86.3% of flights arrived within 15 minutes of scheduled arrival time in April 2012. The A4A folks are touting it as the best performance for any month since November 2009.

on time

Baggage Handling Improving
And the improvements, it seems, are not restricted merely to on-time arrivals. The airlines say they're doing a better job with travelers' baggage too. If you ask me, missing baggage is the greatest stress agent in America. To land in Anchorage, Oklahoma City or Honolulu and finding that your baggage didn't make it with you can test the patience of even Job leave alone ordinary mortals. Apparently in April, 99.7% of all U.S. airline passengers had their bags delivered on time. The airlines association boasts this is an all-time record for any month since the government began maintaining records in 1987. A4A president and CEO Nicholas Calio says operational improvements and fewer weather disruptions are helping the airlines to deliver strong on-time performance and better baggage handling. Air-Savings can't control flight arrivals or missing baggage but we do our best to ensure your trip is otherwise pleasant. Be it in low fares, rescheduling your flights or managing complex itineraries to Asia, Australia or Europe, you can't go wrong with Air-Savings.


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