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Last Updated On: 5/5/2012

Since this afternoon, I still am walking on air!  My 14 year old son hit a grand slam with bases loaded.  First one of the season, and he brought his team ahead by 5.  I am so proud of him, and I took him out for dinner to commemorate it.  He wanted Italian.  If I had a million dollars, I would have flown to Italy just to give him the perfect Italian dinner.  However, since I have not won the lottery yet, Olive Garden was his choice. describe the image

If you could travel to Italy, where would you go?  How about this town?

Levanto, Italy

This little town is located on the northern coast of Italy, 60 km southeast of Genoa, and has been established since the 13th century.  This town truly has the feel of the old days, and the present church still uses the bell that was rang when danger was spotted near the town.  Don’t expect this to be a major tourist area like Rome, Venice, etc.  However, it is not boring either.  This is a list of the upcoming festivals for the summer:

  • July 1-2: Festa Madonna del Soccorso in Fontona , a village near Levanto

  • July 24-25: Festa di San Giacomo (Feast of St James) and Festa del Mare (Festival of the Sea).

  • August 29th: Festa di Nostra Signora della Guardia Traditional band concert.

In a previous article I wrote, The best time to book cheap flights, George Hobica of Airfarwatchdog.com recommended flying into a smaller airport to save money and then using a train or local airline to continue saving money while traveling.  The really cool thing about Levanto is it is almost halfway between Genoa and Florence. 

So, if you are holding an airline ticket to Italy, take a local airplane and enjoy this town.  If you have been planning on a trip to Italy, include this town on your itinerary. 


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