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Last Updated On: 5/3/2012

Someone on the internet said that they had been to Thailand, United States, Dominican Republic, Dubai, Israel, and Europe, but Costa Rica was by far their best visit yet.  I have yet to travel there myself, and I did a little research as to why this country should be on my radar.

Wikipedia gave a mouthful of what the country is doing to remain one of the best:

“Costa Rica has consistently been among the top Latin American countries in the Human Development Index (HDI), ranked 69th in the world in 2011. Also was cited by the United Nations Developed Program (UNDP) [which puts countries in touch with resources to build a better future for their people] in 2010 as one of the countries that have attained much higher human development than other countries at the same income levels,and in 2011 was highlighted by UNDP for being a good performer on environmental sustainability, and better record on human development and inequality than the median of their region. It was also the only country to meet all five criteria established to measure environmental sustainability. The country is ranked fifth in the world, and first among the Americas, in terms of the 2012 Environmental Performance Index.  In 2007, the Costa Rican government announced plans for Costa Rica to become the first carbon-neutral country by 2021.  According to the New Economics Foundation, Costa Rica ranks first in the Happy Planet Index and is the “greenest” country in the world.”

Whewh!  That was a mouthful, huh?  They put it in better words than I could have.  Costa Rica also made the 2012 list on ethicaltraveler.org.  Aside from that great, big list, here are some other reasons one should travel to Costa Rica:

  • The food—it is a little bit of Native American, Spanish, and African, and other influences all wrapped into what many have hailed as some of the best food they have eaten

  • Volcan Poas—a live volcano?  I can’t wait to go.  I don’t like seeing them on the television.  I am definitely visiting San Jose when I get there.

  • Costa Rica Outward Bound—this company offers different programs to educate.  You can hike in the rainforest, stay with local families, surf, kayak, scuba dive and more.

  • Tortuga Island--snorkeling

  • El Ranario, The Frog Pond--Anyone who has boys will appreciate this attraction as the frogs stay there.  You are not going to find frogs in the pockets, lost frogs jumping in the living room or in your food, or even accidentally stepping on one and your son crying because you killed his frog.  26 frog species live here, and your family will enjoy learning about them; even a night tour with flashlights is rated as the highlight of this terrarium adventure.

While I can list so much more, I don't want to wait any longer to book my ticket.  I will meet you over there, okay?  Call air-savings.com now.  Don’t choose Mr. Agency over there, air-savings.com has way more experience and magic tricks to provide the best of Costa Rica for you.


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