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Last Updated On: 2/19/2012

Did you know what a very strange world we live in?  There are strange places to see, strange things to do, and people who collect the strangest things.  Traveling in a strange world is something everyone should do when planning a vacation. 

Weird Museums

Tokyo's Parasite Museum--Would you like to see a 30 foot tapeworm that was taken out of a woman who ate some bad fish?  Or maybe you would rather see the other 300 different parasites that can invade the body.  weird things in the world

Leed's Castle, Kent's Dog Collar Museum--What started out as a loving tribute to dogs, has now turned into a huge five centuries collection of canine collars from beautiful to bizarre.

Amsterdam's Torture Museum--A collection of torture devices that have been used in different countries from the guillotine, rack, and more. 

Weird Theme Parks

Kent, England's Dickens World--Perhaps you have heard, "if there were no bad people, there would be no good lawyers," or "There are books of which the backs and cover are by far the best parts."  These were some of the quotes from Charles Dickens, renowned author of several books such as A Christmas Carol, Great Expectations, A Tale of Two Cities, and many more.  He was loved and respected so much, that a theme park was made in his honor and where you can go and immerse yourself in an interactive experience like no other where you literally feel like you are exchanging the modern world for Dicken's World for a few hours.

love sculpture south koreaLove Land South Korea--Do you love sex?  Want to add some "oomf" back into the bedroom?  Come travel to South Korea to see this theme park.  Filled with over 140 sculptures in various sexual positions, a male sculpture posed in such a way that all you females have to do is slide into position, hands on exhibits, and more.  At least you will never be bored as every month, different exhibits are brought in to create, "the mood." 



Strange Places

Ever wonder what hell looks like?  You can see the opening in the Kara-Kum desert, in thekara kum desert small town Darvaza.  Actually, it is only referred as this, but is really a crater of continuous gas emissions.  The story says that Russian prospectors drilled a hole into this chamber, but when the ceiling collapsed, it left a large hole, and because the gas continued to rise up, the prospectors made the decision to light the gas as they were afraid of local poisoning or build up of the gas, and it has been burning ever since.  It is best seen at night.

Putrajaya, Malaysia--If you are in construction you can definitely appreciate the magnitude of the largest roundabout in the world.

When you are staring in awe, wonder, disbelief--close your eyes and when you open them, see the world in a new light as you travel to find the most interesting, weird, strange wonders of our world.

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