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Last Updated On: 3/22/2011

It is often heard that the first impression is the last impression. Last or not, but the first impression would surely leave an indelible mark on your memories. The impression could be about anything, it could be about your new grumpy neighbor, a foreign cuisine you’ve just gone for, or (in most cases) your new boss. If you are a traveller, then your usual list of first impressions would include the impressions of the different places you travel too.

Now, the question might pop up that what all would constitute a first impression, the weather? The scenic beauty? or just the city name. The answer (as always) is a simple one, the airport.

The moment you set foot onto a foreign land, you are greeted by the airport staff. How the airport is and what all it offers can tell you a lot about the country and your recent discoveries through the city airport can work wonders for you especially if you are planning to tour the city. 

Based on the various aspects and set of facilities an airport offers, they are rated for the SkyTrax World Airport Awards. Every time the awards are announced, airports from around the world fight it out for the top spot.

The top 3 airports which figured in the most recent awards held at Brussels include

1. Changi Airport, Singapore
The glitzy city of Singapore treats its visitors well and that was proved when the Changi Airport grabbed the top spot at the Airport Awards. The international airport caters to over 80 airlines and offers flights to more than 200 cities in around 60 countries. Now for an airport, considering the fight those are some pretty big credentials to boast about. If you consider yourself as an aggressive shopper, then you would find a lot to satisfy your need and greed.

2. Incheon Airport , Seoul
Replacing the Gimpo International Airport, this airport which started off in the year 2001, has come a long way to grab the number 2 spot. The facilities which are offered at the Incheon Airport can be compared to those offered at a hotel resort, and it’s pretty much a fact that you would not find them at any other international airport. The airport not only offers you a spa and private sleeping rooms to calm down your senses, but can also give you a little bit of thrill with a casino and a golf course.

3. Hong Kong International
This one can be called the big giant of airports. The hong kong international is of the one of the Largest airports in the world. Serving about 90 airlines, the airport has flights to over 150 locations around the planet. The sheer size and vivacity of the airport can dazzle your senses. You can also go for a  direct ferry service from the airport to various destinations throughout the pearl river delta.

One might ask that what’s the point of best or worst when one just has to spend a few a moments at the airport. But what’s the harm if those few moments turn into one of the best moments of your life.

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