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Last Updated On: 9/21/2012

Visiting New York City?

Be prepared to hold your nose at the stench!

New York City has won the dubious distinction of being declared America's dirtiest city in  Travel+Leisure magazine's annual survey.

NYC was #5 in the dirty American cities list last year.

Are we surprised over NYC's dubious honor?

Hell, no.

We're no strangers to the stench that emanates from many parts of NYC including Midtown Manhattan.

No, NYC's stench and the grime and the filth are not a recent phenomenon.

dirty nyc
Overflowing Trash Bin on 81st St in Jackson Heights, NYC

Even back in the 1990s during frequent visits to the city from our home in Long Island, our nose would encounter the revolting stench in several parts of NYC - Midtown Manhattan, Jackson Heights, Flushing and other corners of the vast city.

A lot of subway platforms still reek of urine and other abominable odors just as they did in the 1990s.

As if all the filth and grime were not bad enough, immigrants from Indian and other South Asian nations have lately taken to painting some of the Queens' sidewalks red by spitting Pan juice.

Stench and filth in NYC are consequences of poor civic consciousness and lack of enforcement of littering laws.

In the absence of both, NYC will turn into a cesspool.

NYC also suffered the ignominy of being anointed the nation's loudest and rudest city in the Travel+Leisure survey.

Sadly, rudeness is worn as a badge of honor by many New Yorkers.

The survey found New Orleans to be the second dirtiest American city followed by Baltimore, Los Angeles and Atlanta.


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