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Last Updated On: 8/13/2012

Adding credence to the growing popularity of Indian food is a new survey that places it among the top 10 choices of travelers worldwide.

Indian food received a 'like' from 5% of travelers in a recent Hotels.com survey of 27,000 travelers.

indian top food

Given the infinite variety of cuisines around the world, making it to the Top-10 food choices of travelers is no mean feat.

Besides the 1.2 billion Indians that swear it's the best, Indian food is a growing favorite around the world.

For proof, look at the mushrooming numbers of Indian restaurants from Sydney to San Francisco to New York.

Be it Atlanta, Edison (NJ), Geneva, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Tokyo or Moscow, Indian food has won accolades for its amazing variety of curries, breads and desserts.

Tandoori Chicken, Garlic Naan, Biryani and Mango Lassi entered the lexicon of adventurous foodies in the west long years ago.

Not surprisingly, 38% of Indian travelers in the survey felt the best Indian food was to be found in India. A sentiment we completely agree with.

Delhi was the hot favorite of travelers for the best local food in India gaining 33% of the votes followed by Mumbai (20%).

Travelers' Top Food Picks

Popular as Indian cuisine is in the Hotels.com survey, it was European food that took the top two spots.

Italian cuisine walked away with the top honors with 32% of travelers picking it as their favorite.

French cuisine was second with 24% of the votes.

Including Spanish cuisine, European food was the preferred choice of 67% of travelers.

But the East too is finding favor with some travelers.

Japanese food ranked third in travelers' pick followed by Chinese cuisine.

The popularity of Japanese food owes to the cuisine’s reputation for healthy eating.

There’s, of course, more to Japanese food than Sushi.

If you ask a Japanese friend for recommendations, you can be sure to hear Sushi, Tempura, Ramen, Okonomiyaki and Japanese Curry among his suggestions.

Top Food Choices on Holiday

Position     Country       Votes in %

1             Italy             32%
2             France           24%
3             Japan             8%
4             China            13%
5             Spain            11%
6             USA              10%
7             Mexico            8%
8             Thailand          8%
9             Taiwan            5%
10            India              5%


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