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Last Updated On: 5/30/2011

Everyone has heard of Hilton as business hotels. Most of you think that the Hilton business hotels are just aimed at high flying company officials and are not meant for family vacations. The authorities at Hilton recently took a series of steps to change this attitude by stepping up their marketing and also by improving the standards of their resorts and also making them more reachable.


The tactics employed by the think tanks at Hiltons includes a new website, better consultation services and are also aimed interpreting a travelers mind. The newly employed strategy would help the hotel authorities to understand the need and greed of the usual traveler and hence would help them to satisfy the same.

Recently it was quoted by a highly place official at Hilton that “ a resort vacation is a high risk decision and we want people to feel comfortable spending that money with us”

With their main focus on china, the company has also included a new resort in Costa Rica and Jamaica. It was also reported that officials at Hilton are attending various trade shows like the International POW WOW and the ITB.

The company officials have a prime focus on pre consultation services which would help travelers to check out the availability at the resort, learn about the destination, make necessary reservations and hence have their every question answered by experts.

People working at Hilton, have compiled a full scale report to gauge the traveler of today. The detailed statistical report is aimed at predicting the trend which is followed by frequent travelers. The report tends to classify travelers on the basis of the services they ask for.

This is good news for almost all the travelers in the world, after all it is always time to try something new


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