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Boating and seeing wild life in Africa is a sheer wonder. One can enjoy panoramic views from the vantage point of Zambezi’s open-air lounge. Visualize a scenario where you are sitting in the open air lounge of a large boat floating lightly in the Chobe River and wonderful sceneries pass by. Somewhere in the distance one can see a large hippo with its great tusky jaws.  

Wildlife in Africa can be seen in its unique glory. Kingfisher birds sing out and mesmerize the guests. It is more like a wake up call for the guests who listening to its beautiful voice wake up fresh and joyful.

Many eco friendly water safaris are conducted in Africa. In azure blue waters of Chobe River, many boat safaris with beautifully decorated and important amenities float with passengers enjoying these rides. In between the journey, visitors can also visit Chobe National Park in Botswana and Caprivi Strip in Namibia.

This area consists of dense concentrations of wildlife. Instead of staying in a lodge, the passengers can visit game parks in open jeeps and enjoy wildlife at its best. One can catch these majestic animals roaming freely in the thickets of the jungle. This experience is quite thrilling for the visitors and they feel close to the nature and wildlife, creations of God.

One does not have to do anything here, they just need to loose them in the beauty of the nature and soon they will find that they have become a part of this wonderful creation. When one becomes a part of the nature and gels in his surroundings, the wildlife also does not get fearful of people and they come near to these visitors without any inhibitions or fear. They drop their guard and behave naturally and this sight is very mesmerizing to see.   

These days reaching Africa is very easy as many cheap flights, cheap business class flights, business class flights, etc ply their services and offer cheap tickets, cheap flight tickets, cheap business class tickets, and business class tickets to make the travel easier and comfortable for the passengers visiting Africa.


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