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Last Updated On: 4/3/2012

Understanding these two countries is easy--Iceland means green and Greenland means ice.  This is not to say that neither country is without ice or green.

Greenland was named thus to entice settlers from Iceland by Erik the Red.  In actuality, Greenland has 84% more ice than Iceland.  I can imagine many Vikings enticed by this idea were not too happy when landing on the shores. 

Iceland has glaciers covering its landscape by 10%.  With that in mind, it's weather is fairly mild with winters being cold and rainy with blistering winds, and summers reaching to 77 degrees fahrenheit.

So which country does one travel to?

Iceland--what to doiceland

Wool Industry--This is a walking tour in Mosfellbaer.  This town has a history steeped with wool, and this tour revolves around walking through the town with an English speaking guide.  One of the ladies who organizes this tour has been asked to provide a knitting workshop, on April 13, 2012 from 9:30 to 12:30, to compliment the tour.  She has agreed to do so if she has more than four people.  So, if you are traveling in Mosfellbaer, Iceland during this time, this would be a great place to get in a hike and learn how to knit a sweater.

Bedtime stories--in Icelandair Hotel offers a different crime theme each week from Icelandic literature.  Presented by English speaking actors, bring your p.j.'s and blankets on April 12th, 19th, and 26th at 9:00.

Whale watching--chck out http://www.elding.is/ for more information.

Greenland--what to do

Dog sledding--ever wondered what it is like to have a dog pulling you around?  Come to Greenland to make this adventure a reality.  Visit http://www.greenlandexplored.com/Tours/GreenlandDogSledAdventures/GreenlandDogSleddingInfo/tabid/91/Default.aspx to get more infomation.

Hiking--no neighbors running out and yelling at you to get off their property because there is no property ownership, in any part of Greenland.  You can walk out the door and go anywhere.  To find the best of Greenland, go and visit the smaller towns as you explore a truly beautiful country.kayaking in greeland

Kayaking--ever try it?  Maybe you are an avid fan?  Here in Greenland is where you will find the best kayaking experience you will ever have.

So which country do you go to first?  Either one is an amazing adventure.


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