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Last Updated On: 5/24/2011

Air sickness or motion sickness is, in general, a common problem. It occurs because of a conflict between the messages different sensory organs transmit to the brain about their own perception of movement. In particular, when the reality perceived by your senses is a little different from the reality (of movement) perceived by you through the balance system between your inner years, it results in motion sickness. Symptoms generally include nausea, dizziness, sweating, and an overall crappy feeling.

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Since this hodgepodge of perception can happen in closed environments that “move”, airplanes are particularly conducive to causing motion sickness in people who are sensitive in this regard. The question that arises then is how to prevent or, in the least, reduce the painful and painfully embarrassing symptoms of this problem.

Unfortunately, there is no permanent cure for this problem. However, small steps and simple precautions can help in significantly reducing the intensity of the symptoms. Thus, for instance, if you’re one of those who suffer from air sickness, the first logical thing to do is to avoid filling your stomach with heavy greasy foods before your flight. Not only will this help in preventing nauseous pains, but it will also help you to stay alert and energized during the flight. Another thing you can do is arrange for a seat near the wings of the plane, as that area of the plane has the least movement. If possible, take a window seat and constantly remind yourself of the movement by frequently looking at the movement outside. Besides, the panorama outside an airplane window is one of the most pleasant views one can ever encounter, and it is bound to calm you for a more relaxing flight.

Apart from all that, keep yourself cool and hydrated. Keep the air vent on at all times and drink adequate water and juices. Ginger ale and soda are especially helpful. You also want to keep your stomach stable and settled, so taking frequent light snacks such as crackers and biscuits in small quantities will certainly help. Just don’t overeat. Additionally, avoid reading, since it can escalate the problem as the conflict between the messages increases further. On the other hand, passive entertainment, unlike reading, will divert you from thinking about your sickness without requiring any labor from your side, so try watching some movies or listening to some songs on your mp3 player. The key is to relax. So, for example, if you know any meditation, then do it. Or simply observe your breath.

Of course, you could also resort to medication if the problem is severe and for that, consulting a physician is always the wisest thing to do. But it is important to understand that air sickness is something that you will always have to deal with whenever you fly. By taking the precautions discussed above, however, you can certainly reduce your suffering and your worries.


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