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Last Updated On: 7/3/2012

Travelers to and from India can heave a big sigh of relief today. 

Just a few hours back, pilots of Indian carrier Air India ended their 58-day-long strike. 

Some 434 striking pilots are expected to return to their flight cabins in the next 48 hours. 

Besides greatly inconveniencing travelers to and from India, the strike also worsened the struggling airline's financial position. 

The government of India is spending several billion dollars to bail out the loss-making airline. 

 Resuming Work

The Indian Pilots Guild called the strike in early May to protest a move to train pilots from the erstwhile Indian Airlines on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner that’s shortly to be inducted into Air India.

In a statement released Tuesday evening, Air India's pilots said, "We, the pilots of Air India and members of Indian Pilots Guild, on the intervention of the Delhi High Court, have started the procedure to resume work." 

Media reports from India say Air India's management has promised the Delhi High Court that it would sympathetically consider the pilots' grievances, including reinstatement of 101 dismissed pilots.  

Air India management and the pilots are meeting July 5 for discussions. 

The pilots' strike has hit Air India's flights to the U.S. 

Air India has not been operating its Mumbai-Newark-Mumbai flights for several weeks but continues to fly to New York JFK. 

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