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Last Updated On: 12/11/2012

If you’re looking for a vacation which takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the usual city life, then you might want to check out the beautiful beach city, San Juan. You might say that what’s new in the beaches at san juan?, and response is just a simple one word answer, everything. San Juan is an amazing place to be at especially during the winters, so if you are not able to take on the chilly winds in your locality, then just hop on a cheap flight to san juan.
The beaches at the capital city of Puerto Rico are different from the other Caribbean beaches on a number of aspects.
One of them being cleanliness, the beaches at san juan are free from the ashes which are normally there after a volcanic eruption. Coral outcroppings are also absent. Because of such facts, san juan attracts a lot of tourists. The other factor which drives tourists to this sandy city is the number of cheap flights which fly to san juan. Just a little bit on research on the world wide web and you would able to find a number of airline providers offering cheap tickets to san juan.
The beaches at san juan are categorized according to activities one enjoys there. The categories are family beaches, individual beaches, water spot beaches, scenery beaches etc.
Some of the famous beaches at san juan are , the luquillo beach,  pine grove beach and boqueron beach.
The luquillo beach is the beach to be if you are travelling with your family. A number of tourist avail the cheap flight to san juan service to enjoy the cool ocean breeze at this magical beach. You can find a large lot of coconut groves at this crescent shaped beach.
The next one, which is the Pine Grove beach is a heaven for all the water lovers. The pine grove beach is also known as the swimming beach , and hence one can play with water in any way one desires. With a range of water sports at the beach, adventure is at its peak.
Boqeroun with scenic beauty and soothing view is a great spot if you want to grab in some fish. So if you haven’t packed that fishing rod yet , then do pack it now.
In case you are not the planner sorts, then you can go in for the last minute flights to san juan.