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Planning a Visit to Acadia National Park in August – the Nation’s Favorite Place

Last Updated On: 8/3/2014

Maine’s Acadia National Park was named the nation’s Favorite Place by the viewers of Good Morning America. Numerous Atlantic coast islands, including Mount Desert Island, are included in this national park. Planning a visit to Acadia in August? Here is everything you need to know about Acadia National Park rentals and the exciting vacation opportunities.

Why Visit in August?

Summer is the peak season and the time during which I made my first visit to the park. The sea breeze makes the afternoons relatively cool and sometimes, fog will set in. It will create the most magical atmosphere you have ever experienced.

You should be prepared for the occasional rainfall on the island. The north wind coming from the Canadian Artic will start blowing in the end of August, making the temperatures a bit lower and turning the park into the most splendid summertime vacation spot.

Though many people visit the park during the month of August, there are ways to guarantee your solitude. We went to Isle au Haut, one of the park’s most remote locations. There are several other isolated spots like it that will give you an opportunity to enjoy nature undisturbed by the activities of others.

Where to Stay?

I did a lot of research about Acadia National Park rentals and I discovered a number of exciting opportunities.

Several charming cottages give access to modern amenities in the middle of Maine’s most spectacular region. The size of these vacation rental spots will be determining for the price you will have to pay. Some of the rentals are suitable for a couple looking for a romantic getaway, others can accommodate a much larger group of people.

Some of these cottages charge per night, other have fixed weekly prices. The prices vary from 100 to over 900 dollars per night, depending on the size of the cottage and the luxuries that it offers. The most expensive options come with internet access, fully-equipped kitchens, laundry services, prime location and a spectacular view.

A Few More Tips and Suggestions

To fully enjoy your Acadia National Park adventure, you will need to examine a few additional aspects of your stay.

There is a free summer shuttle bus service. This service is available to reduce the number of vehicles entering the park and disturbing the delicate natural balance. The buses serve numerous routes and they are equipped with bike racks, in case you are interested in an active vacation.

Guided park tours are also available, if you want to explore all of the park’s beautiful sights and learn something interesting about this Maine region. Most of these last approximately two and a half hours and they are provided twice daily. The tour stops include Sieur De Monts Springs, Thunder Hole, and Cadillac Mountain.

Some of the best things to do in Acadia National Park include fishing, bird watching, boating, hiking, climbing and participating in the EarthCache program. You will need a GPS unit to participate in the final activity. A set of clues is available from the official Acadia website. These clues will take you to some of the most spectacular places in the park.

Acadia National Park rentals and leisure time activities will impress you right from your arrival. August is a beautiful month for a trip to the area, especially if you prefer outdoor activities and the serenity of nature