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Last Updated On: 4/12/2014

Australia has some of the richest history in the world.  From the Aborigines to the British and Dutch settlers, and from the convicts to the gold rush.  All of these have an interesting story to tell, and you will get to hear them all when you start to book cheap international flights to Australia. 

Like all international flights, weather should be taken into consideration.  Australia's climate has the opposite climate system than some countries, and this opposition should be considered when booking flights to Australia.  Australia's winter months are from May through August--give or take a month depending on the territory.  Australia's summer is between September and March--again, depending on the territory.
If you want snow, forget Colorado, you can bring your skis to the Victoria Mountains, Australian Capital Territory--the eastern side of Australia, New South Wales, and Tasmania. 

Best Places To See
Consider partaking in tourism near the desert.  You can book Flights to Australia that will fly you into Darwin International Airport that will be near tourist attractions in Alice Springs and Darwin:

  • Ayers Rock--Ever wonder why the aborigines fight so hard to keep their land?  You can book a 3 day trip from Ayers Rock to Alice Springs through Kings Canyon to find out.  You will view tremendous sunrises and sunsets, immerse yourself in history as you listen to the rich history of the Outback.

  • Kakadu National Park--there are several areas in this park you should definitely not miss such as the Kakadu boat tours, Jim Jim Falls--a challenging walk to see, but when you finally get to see a part of Australia that is truly spectacular, you are speechless.

If you want city tourism, Melbourne is rich with its stores, museums, gardens, and other city attractions.  When booking cheap flights to Sydney Australia, some major spots to consider in this city are:

  • The City Circle Tram--while this is not a particular tourist spot, it is free transportation that enables you to visit different areas of Melbourne such as the Aquarium, Old Melbourne Gaol, the Immigrant Museum, and other need to see areas.  Just be sure to take a map so you know the route the tram takes.

  • Melbourne Zoo--If you have brought your family, this is a definite must see.  You definitely want to plan a whole day as the exhibits are very interesting and the animals varied.

  • Melbourne Museum--Each part of the museum has different sections, and like any major museum has traveling exhibits that make the trip worthwhile.

  • Old Melbourne Gaol--You get to visit the prison, and after the tour, you get to go through a mock arrest, trial, and conviction.  This mock experience gives you a dose of what life as a criminal was like in the old Gaol.

There are other major cities and small towns to stay in, and your travel agent can help you book flights to Australia that revolve around what you want to see.

Best Hotels To Stay
Hotels are up for grabs in any city you stay in, but how much you are willing to spend per night will determine how nice or how drab the hotel is.  When booking flights to Australia, you should allow a professional travel agent to help you guide your flights, hotels, tours, and other amenities to make the most out of your trip and money. If you're traveling for business, booking cheap business class flights and a hotel room early on is strongly encouraged.

The Must Knows of Australia
Travel warnings are a must when you are booking flights to Australia, ask your travel agent about the dangerous critters, insects, and spiders you may come across in the cities and towns you travel in, and what preventive measures you need to remember to avoid getting bit or stung. 

Otherwise, enjoy Australia!