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Looking for Memorial Day Travel Ideas? Take an Alaskan Cruise

Last Updated On: 4/22/2014

Most of the main travel spots across the world are going to be packed for Memorial Day. Everyone takes advantage of the holiday and travels. So, what can you do for Memorial Day that lets you get out, see the world and avoid the crowds? An Alaskan cruise.

From the icy fjords across the Pacific Ocean to the snowy peaks that stretch across the water, you’ll feel as though there are no bounds in Alaska. See all of the sides of Alaska this summer and avoid the crowds too by checking out the view from the ocean. Cruises to Alaska are growing in popularity, but they’re still less crowded than hitting some of the main travel points. If you’re looking for a family-friendly travel idea, nothing beats the endless journey of Alaska.

What You Can Expect from an Alaskan Cruise

There are dozens of types of cruises that let you tour all of Alaska. This literally gives you hundreds of different ways to explore Alaska. You can spend a few days off the boat exploring national parks, beaches and venture deep into the wilderness. Or, you can ride the Alaskan railways and catch a glimpse of the scenery.

Just a few features you can expect to find include:

  • Dining options — including three-courses, buffets and action eating.
  • Entertainment every day you’re on the cruise — including on-stage comedy shows and singers.
  • Fitness center, pool, hot tubs and even a spa.
  • Youth programs for the family traveling with little ones.
  • Complimentary features, stewards, and more.

Where to Take Off

There are numerous ports for Alaskan cruises, but some of the best are Seattle and Vancouver. When you travel out of Vancouver, you take a little extra time and see everything there is in Vancouver before heading out into the Pacific Ocean.

Book an Excursion Too

The cruise isn’t all you get when you head to Alaska. There are plenty of additional excursion packages that you can add to make your adventure even more exciting. From visiting the Butchart Gardens to whale watching to going on the White Pass Railway, make sure to check out the excursion options and see how you can further enhance your cruise.

Now is the time to take a cruise to Alaska. By booking early, you can avoid last minute fees and ensure you get a good room on the cruise ship. If you’re looking for a way to escape the heat of Memorial Day weekend, venture into the cool waters of the Pacific Ocean and explore Alaska.