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Save Money on Your Vacation with Discounted Airfare to Argentina

Last Updated On: 3/3/2014

A vacation shouldn’t be local. In fact, it should be across the globe. Visiting a foreign country can add a sense of richness to your life -- engrossing yourself in a new culture, experiencing a new way of life, etc. Unfortunately, that “experience” comes with a price. You don’t have to drain your savings or even tap into your retirement fund to save money on your Argentina trip -- you just need to implement the right skills to shave off a few hundred dollars.

Go With Discounted Airfare to Argentina

Airfare is your biggest expense when it comes to visiting another country. Use our online booking engine or give us a call to see what rates and discounts are available. If you can, start your search for cheaper airfare well ahead of your travel dates. If you don’t have a specific travel time in mind, start shopping and plan your trip around when the deals are going.

Picking the Right Accommodations

You can save on cheap flights to Argentina, but you could easily ruin your savings on accommodations. There are great savings potentials in local hotels throughout the country. A lot of people spend time finding the perfect accommodations, but how often are you really going to be in your hotel?

First, see what rewards points you might have with your credit card carriers. See if any hotels in Argentina accept those rewards points. This is a great way to book hotel rooms for free or close to free.

Argentina offers hostels, basic hotels, and private rooms. It is up to you what type of accommodations you prefer on your vacation. By booking your hotels along with your discounted airfare to Argentina, you could rack up even more savings.


You might be tempted to rent a car in Argentina, but don’t. The streets are difficult to navigate, especially if you’re new to the area. Vehicles are expensive and even the locals rely on public transportation. Argentina has a great subway system and busses run frequently. If you have a little extra money in your budget, you can take taxis.


Food is a big expense while traveling and it is often overlooked by travelers. Bring along some snacks with you and a few bottles of water. Energy bars, protein-packed snacks and crackers are good things to pack that won’t perish. Lunch is usually the least expensive meal in Argentina, so if you can, make that your big meal.

Local eateries that aren’t overly Americanized will be more affordable than eateries that are. Street food, in fact, is one of the cheapest and most authentic eats you will find.

Traveling to Argentina can be affordable and fun for the entire family. Just plan ahead, be cautious of your budget and look for discounts everywhere you go. By starting out with cheap flights to Argentina, you’re already on the right track to making your trip to this gorgeous country that much more affordable.