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Last Updated On: 4/12/2014

Tamil Nadu better known as the land of the Tamils has a rich history which dates back to some thousand years. Its coastline stretches to nearly a 1000 kms.

Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu is situated along the south eastern coast of India. The tourism industry of the city is flourishing,  so booking Cheap International Flights, or last minute flights to Chennai from any corner of the world is not difficult .This grand city is world famous for its temples, coconut fringed beaches, and silk saris. The city is a prefect mélange of modernity with tradition and culture.

Chennai has a respectable collection of temples, and churches, Which display the strong spirituality, as well as excellent craftsmanship of the local people. The Parthasarathy Temple, Kaapaleshwar temple, and Ashtalakshmi temple are the famous temples of Chennai,  and the Santhome Cathedral Basilica, and the Velankanni church are the main churches one should visit.

The Marina beach, which is the second longest beach in the world is always crowded with locals, and visitors alike. The Coromandel Coast along the Bay of Bengal possesses several locations ideal for a relaxing vacation.  

The Golden sands of the beach are bordered by coconut, palm,  and casuarina groves.  A range of amusement parks, and the Vedanthangal bird sanctuary are also popular tourist attractions.  No wonder Chennai entices travelers from all over the world.

One can find a variety of markets in Chennai where You can buy articles like silk saris, silver jewellery, as well as hard to find art objects. Chennai hosts quite a few art festivals that showcase the creation of local artisans.

There are a variety of tourist attractions available in Chennai, and the rest of South India. While in Chennai, you must also visit other cities in the south. We also offer cheap flights to Bangalore on a number of airlines. Ask one of your expert travel consultants about adding a side trip on your ticket to chennai.

New York Chennai $984 round trip
Los Angeles Chennai $1110 round trip
Chicago Chennai $1131 round trip
Washington Chennai $1112 round trip
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