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 Business Class Airfares, Serious Savings

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Emirates A380 Business Class Flights: A Comprehensive Review

Last Updated On: 9/3/2014

Being a part of an international business provides exciting professional growth opportunities in a globalized environment. This corporate modus operandi involves a lot of travel as well, something that I enjoy immensely. The quality of the air travel service is certainly vitally important for travelers that make weekly international trips. I am one of these travelers.

I have been doing regular flights fromLondontoDubaibecause of the interactions with business partners there. As a result, I rely on the services of the Emirates quite often. Here is my experience with the Emirates A380 business class flights.


Upon boarding the A380, the flight attendant was kind enough to welcome me and answer all of my questions.

All of my requests were handled in a highly professional and polite manner. The service can be considered spectacular, even if you are a picky flyer or a person that has highly specific needs.

The staff will share a lot ofDubaiinformation and travel tips, in case you need this kind of information. Use the opportunity because it will help you make the most of your stay in the country.

Food and Drinks

Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will be included in the service. Depending on the time of the travel, you will get breakfast or lunch. The Emirates does a really good job at offering its customers a fine selection of Western and Middle Eastern dishes. Trying some Middle Eastern food is a great option for getting yourself acquainted with local traditions.

The lounging experience is another one that I truly enjoy during my business class flights. The A380 flights provide an exciting opportunity to communicate with other passengers and share a drink in the onboard lounge.

Whether you want to try fine wine or some of the delicious foods that the lounge offers, you will certainly have a good time. I prefer going to the lounge instead of staying in my seat and trying to sleep or keep myself entertained in any other way. Often, I meet people that have experiences similar to mine and I do that while stretching out a bit.


Each of the business class seats is equipped with an entertainment system. The digital widescreen is controlled via a touchscreen remote control and it can be used to watch a favorite movie, listen to some music or to learn the latest news from across the world.

For a charge, you will also get access to Wi-Fi internet. This is a feature I find very convenient and even necessary because of my hectic lifestyle and professional responsibilities.


You can discover discounted airfare toDubaiand still enjoy all of the services available to business class passengers.

Emirates often have featured offers available through their website. Alternatively, you can try options like air-savings.com to get access to discounted airfare toDubaiand some of the most affordable ticket prices. Taking the time to engage in a little bit of research will result in a comfortable travel experience and a reasonable price, as well.

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