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Last Updated On: 7/10/2013

Flyers have many complaints but some aspects of the flying experience are more vexing than others.

TripAdvisor did its annual survey of 2,000 travelers recently and here's what they came up with on the major complaints of flyers.

Top Five Gripes about Air Travel

As anyone who's flown Economy knows, the most loathsome part of flying is the lack of enough legroom and the horrible seats.

So is anyone surprised that cramped seating and inadequate legroom come up tops in the complaints list.

1. Uncomfortable seats / limited legroom

2. Costly airline fees and ticket prices

3. Unpredictable flight delays

4. Long security lines

5. Other passengers (e.g. loud children)

Thrifty Flyers

Some 38% of respondents say the best thing airlines should do to improve the in-flight experience is to provide more legroom.

Although seat comfort is much desired, most travelers are unwilling to pay a premium for the benefit.

That most flyers are thrifty these days is obvious from the following reponses:

* 44% have never paid extra for a better seating assignment.

* 85% of travelers said they would pay less than $25 for a seat upgrade on domestic flights; 81% would pay $50 or less on international flights.

* 81% would willingly forgo in-flight entertainment for a significantly cheaper flight.

* 63% are unwilling to pay to sit in a designated "quiet" section of the airplane if airlines offered such a section, while 23% said they might pay less than $25.

Given a choice, 58% of flyers would take an aisle seat, 42% would pick the window, and a high 4% percent prefers the dreaded middle seat.

Top Five PESKY Airline Fees

Not surprisingly, baggage fees topped the list of those annoying airline add-on fees.

1. Checked baggage

2. Carry-on baggage

3. Seat selection

4. Printed boarding pass at airport

5. In-flight amenities

More Flights

But not all of their complaints will prevent flyers from taking more trips this year.

The survey found that air travel plans are on the rise for Americans as 91% intend to take a domestic flight at least once in 2013, up from 86% who said they flew domestically last year.

International travel is also on the rise with 67% of respondents planning overseas trips, compared to 56% that did so in 2012.

Brands play a key role with 51% of respondents saying that the brand of airline is important or extremely important when making a booking decision.

Southwest Airlines topped the most popular airline list, with 19% of travelers naming it their favorite.