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Last Updated On: 5/24/2013

A recent survey by the respected Consumer Reports publication has put Spirit Airlines at the bottom of a ranking of American carriers.

Spirit Airlines received poor satisfaction scores across the board in the Consumer Reports survey.

Although Spirit's fares are lower than its rivals, the airline imposes a variety of extra fees, including $10 to $19 to book a flight, $3 for a soda, a juice, or a bag of M&Ms and $35 to $100 per carry-on bag.

Spirit's tightest seating space in the industry is a major sore point among fliers.

Besides the ignominy of getting a low overall score, Spirit also received the worst rating of any airline for check-in ease, cabin-crew service and baggage handling.

The latest Consumer Reports' airline ratings was based on a survey of 16,663 subscribers about 31,732 domestic round-trip flights in the previous 12 months.

Survey respondents rated their satisfaction on the airlines' check-in ease, cabin-crew service, cabin cleanliness, seating comfort, baggage handling and in-flight entertainment.

Virgin America - Best

Virgin America earned the top score among fliers.

Virgin America received top scores for check-in ease, cabin-crew service, cabin cleanliness, in-flight entertainment and baggage handling.

Despite charging $25 each for the first and second checked bags, Virgin America was the only airline to receive the top score for baggage handling.

Southwest Airlines and JetBlue Airways were also rated highly in the survey.

The popularity of Southwest and JetBlue is not surprising since they're the only airlines on the Consumer Reports list to let fliers check one (JetBlue) or two (Southwest) bags for free.

While both airlines won kudos for check-in ease and cabin-crew service, JetBlue was rated higher for cabin cleanliness.

"While other airlines on the list like Southwest and JetBlue have done a very good job of satisfying fliers, Virgin America is a cut above in the eyes of our readers," said Consumer Reports Senior Editor Amanda Walker.