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cheap flights to india


There are many reasons to travel to India, and now is the best time to start.  Here are the top 5 reasons to travel to India.

The Caves of Ellora and Ajanta: in Aurangabad

  • Ajanta Caves: the overgrowth of the jungle had made these caves forgotten until 1819 when a British officer stumbled upon one of the entrances while chasing a tiger.  You can actually still see the man's carved name.  They were built in the second century, and continued until the sixth century.  In 1983, the caves were placed on the World Heritage Sites list as there are murals that are the oldest of India's painted art.

  • Ellora Caves: These caves are considered the epitome of Indian rock architecture.  These caves are also a World Heritage Site.  They were built at the beginning of the fifth century, and architects just continued to build throughout the tenth century.

Both caves are extraordinary and rich with history, art, and architecture.  You could spend many hours just wandering around as you immerse yourself in one of India's greatest treasures.

Ayurvedic Treatment

kerala ayurveda treatment resized 600

In India, this medical treatment is considered to prolong life and promote knowledge when both mind and body have been cleansed.

  • diet

  • herbs                                                      

  • lifestyle advice

  • cleansing techniques

  • oil therapy

  • massage

These are not unheard of in other countries as many practitioners are re-discovering the benefits in homeopathic treatments.  One word of caution: rasa shastra is known as blending minerals into herbal mixtures.  These minerals are made up of arsenic, lead, copper sulfate, sulfur, and gold.  These have been known to be beneficial for some ailments, but they are considered a poison to the body.

Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright

Can you imagine 40,000 tigers in 1947?  India's last recorded numbers in 2011 were 1,706.  India is fighting to save the dwindling numbers, and going so far as to pay villages within the Sarisko National Park to move so that the tigers have more room to grow. 

A world with no tigers?  There are plenty of wildlife that have gone extinct, but if man could have intervened, maybe they would still be here.  Come to India to see the tigers so you too can marvel at their beauty.

The Taj Mahal

taj mahal agra india resized 600

Oh, come on, you know that this is a must see. 

Mughal Shah Juhan loved his wife so much, and when she died after giving birth to their 14th child, he had this building erected.  His subsequent marriages after her were said to be in name only, his love for his first wife was so intense and all consuming that no other woman could compare.

A woman gets flowers, chocolate, a dinner out, even go someplace special, but to have your true love say, "I love you so much, that when you die, I am going to build the biggest building to house you so everyone will know how much I loved you."


Religious Tours

budhist temple dharamsala india resized 600

With as many Buddhist temples as there are, you need to book a tour or two to visit the temples.

So, what are you waiting for?  You now have the top 5 reasons to travel to India, but before you go, don't forget to get your cheap flights to India right here at Air-Savings.com. With the packages we have access to, we can help you create a memorable trip to India, which you won't forget no matter how many years pass by.



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