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Last Updated On: 7/10/2013

The word "lounge" means to pass the time idly, and what better way to spend your layover at an airport than in one of many business class or first class airport lounges. Not all lounges are alike, and not all are great.  Some are overcrowded, air is too hot or too cold, some have staff that is not very friendly or treat you like you are a burden. However, there are others that really are nice, and if you have a long layover, a nice staff, great food, a place to relax will make your stay much more tolerable.  If you are business person, a business class lounge or first class lounge will help take the edge off of a tired trip.  Here is a list of the top 7 business class lounges that offer five star treatment.

1. Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse, LondonVirgin Atlantic's Clubhouse

Stylish, comfortable, business center provides laptop and wi-fi, food great, lots of room, full bar, jacuzzi, clothes pressed,

2. Singapore Airline Lounge, Changi

Great lounge, variety of food to choose, comfortable and quiet, toilets and showers clean, and staff was great

3. Thai Airways First Class Lounge, Bangkok

Spacious, somewhat dark, only two showers, snack items, full bar, comfort, clean, access to internet and wifi--easy and fast, great customer service, complimentary 30 min. massage

4. British Airways Concorde Room, London

Spectacular views of the runways, comfortable, fairly quiet, private booths to order food from a menu, a private area that has a day bed, desk, phone, and wi-fi

5. Qatar Airways Business Class lounge

Food and drink selection excellent, comfortable, friendly staff, depending on the time it can get full, clean

6. Qantas First Class Lounge, Sydney

A la carte food very good, staff is very nice, spa and massage area, great computer area

7. Cathay Pacific's The Wing, Hong Kong

New lounge is quite nice.  Selection of food is great, staff wonderful.  The new solus chairs are quite comfortable.

Whether you are flying for business or pleasure, you will find any of these business class lounges a great way to relax until your next flight.


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