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Last Updated On: 7/8/2013

Henry IV of France may have promised the peasants in his realm a chicken in the pot every Sunday.

Since chicken is no longer a hot item in our era for peasants or anyone else for that matter, Qantas is taking a different tack.

The Australian airline is putting an iPad tablet in the hands of every passenger on those 10-hour flights from Sydney to Honolulu.

The airline has recently equipped the Boeing 767 aircraft on the Sydney-Honolulu route with its Q Streaming wireless inflight entertainment service.

Using onboard WiFi, the Q Streaming technology streams entertainment directly to iPads in every seat.

Q Streaming currently streams about 200 hours of movies, television and music directly to an iPad.

Expect Qantas to boost entertainment streamed to the iPads in the coming months to match the cornucopia of TV and music content the airline offers on its flagship in-seat entertainment systems that includes up to 50 movies, 500 TV programs and 1000 CDs.

Launch of Q Streaming on the Honolulu route follows its introduction on B767 services across Qantas' domestic network.

The airline says passengers will soon be able to stream inflight entertainment content to their own devices. That should certainly bring a smile to owners of Android tablets like the Nexus and Galaxy!

Qantas travelers on the Honolulu flights can also look forward to interactive games, travel and business apps and digital newspapers and magazines in the coming months.

Better Interiors

Besides the iPads in every seat, Qantas is tooting the horn about enhancing interiors on the Boeing 767 to include leather seat covers in Business and a new look and feel in the Economy cabin.

Other enhancements include new carpet, lighting, curtains and cabin dividers.