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Bali Vacation Packages from USA: Planning the Most Exciting Summer Trip in July

Last Updated On: 7/3/2014

Planning to visit Balifor the 36th Annual Bali Festival or for Tumpek Krulut – the day dedicated to praising Hindu goddess Semara Raith? The spectacular Indonesian destination is called the “island of the Gods” for a reason and you will have an amazing time, if you are looking for a relaxing and exotic experience. In addition, you will get to benefit from a wide range of Bali vacation packages from USA.

The stunning scenery, the beaches that look as if taken out of a postcard and the colorful marine species you will acquaint yourself with through diving will make Bali worth visiting.

Why Go During July?

July can be incredibly hot and unpleasant in the large US metropolitan areas. How about changing the scenery and opting for tropical paradise? As a person attempting to run away from big city life each summer, I recommend such travel “experiments” 100 percent.

July and August are the two peak months for Bali travelers. This is why visitors get to choose among a medley of Bali vacation packages from USA. Whether you are looking for a luxurious spa resort or a budget-friendly accommodation option, you will discover at least several great offers.

The period from May to October is also great for anyone interested in trying Bali’s surfing opportunities.

The Spectacular Bull Races

If you are looking for yet another reason to visit Bali during the month of July, I’d like to point out that the amazingly spectacular local bull races take place during this time of the year.

Makepung races are organized in West Bali’s Jembrana. Two bulls are paired together and the jockey rides a modified wooden plough that the two animals carry. Visitors can watch the races at seven different locations in the district. Makepung is an important part of local traditions and an opportunity for understanding the Balinese people even better.

Where to Stay?

Bali’s beautiful resorts, the pristine white sand beaches and the crystal blue waters lure tourists from all parts of the world. How do you choose the best of all Bali vacation packages from USA?

Keep one thing in mind –Bali has a lot to offer and discovering all of its natural, cultural and traditional richness is going to be impossible during a single visit. Focus on one area and choose all inclusive deals to Bali there.

The country has over 3000 hotels! The smartest thing you can do is determine your travel budget and limit the number of possibilities right from the start.Southern Bali’s Kuta is considered one of the island paradise’s biggest jewels. Because the popularity of Kuta beaches is growing all the time, you will find many travelers heading in that direction.

Traveling north towards Seminyak will give you an opportunity to enjoy a much more peaceful and secluded vacation.

Finally, you can research Sanur – a resort located in eastern Bali. Sanur is far from trendy because it was one of Bali’s original resorts. Yet, the place is characterized by its easygoing ambiance, its peacefulness and exotic charm. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway or a family vacation, you will have a lot of fun there.

Need more reasons to visit Bali this July? The warmth and the friendly attitude of Balinese people, the traditional music, delicious food and the breathtaking landscapes will make you fall in love right from the start. Don’t take my words for granted, experience Bali for yourself!