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Spanish Passion in July: Fiesta de San Fermin

Last Updated On: 7/1/2014

Pamplona, capital of the former independent Kingdom of Navarre, ranks among the most exciting European destinations during the month of July. The raging sounds of massive bulls that run through the cobblestone streets of the city are enough to raise anyone’s adrenaline level. It is time for the San Fermin festivities!

Fiesta de San Fermin 2014

Each year, the celebrations are held to honor San Fermin, Navarre’s patron saint and the encierro is the most exciting part of the fiesta. The religious element has taken a slightly secondary role and today. The fiesta is now a colorful gathering of people from all parts of the world. This is why enjoying a Pamplona vacation during the month of July can result in an experience like no other.

The encierro or the running of the bulls will take place from July 7 to 14, 2014. It will all begin at the corral in Santo Domingo Street. The eager crowd waits for the San Cernin church clock to announce that it is already eight o’clock in the morning. Two rockets are launched, after which the running of the bulls begins.

The runners that try to escape the fury of the large animals are an integral part of Pamplona’s most popular fiesta. They need to outrun the bulls from the corral to the bullring. The total distance is 825 meters or slightly over 2,700 feet.

The History of the Fiesta

This ritual was born from necessity – the bulls needed to somehow be brought into the bullring. The San Fermin celebrations began in the 12th century and they were originally held during the month of October. The weather, however, happened to be quite bad and the Pamplona residents decided to move the celebrations to the sunnier and much warmer month of July.

In the beginning, the celebrations lasted only two days. The fiesta included performances by musicians, bullfights and theater performances.

Fireworks and dance events were added to the San Fermin festivities later, turning the fiesta into the spectacular, passionate celebration that visitors from all parts of the world get to enjoy today.

Pamplona – Following Hemingway’s Steps

A Pamplona vacation will give you a chance to experience the authenticity and the spectacular culture of Spain. The city has its special charm and atmosphere that even writer Ernest Hemingway got to fall in love with.

Allow yourself to be a part of the fiesta – dance, sing, have a glass of red wine and enjoy the delicious local food. The passion and positivism of locals is contagious and you will soon find yourself making new friendships and having a great time with other enthusiastic travelers that you just met on the street.

Apart from its famous bull running,Pamplona has much more to offer. The city has some beautiful cathedrals, museums and historic landmarks. Explore the tiny streets starting from Plaza del Castillo, visit the ancient fortress or take a minute to photograph the spectacular town hall on Plaza Consistorial.

The city is a really popular destination during the month of July. Planning your Pamplona vacation in advance and making the necessary bookings early enough will give you an opportunity to find the best accommodation and to make the most of your visit to the city.

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