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Last Updated On: 7/8/2013

Every week it seems there's a new conspiracy afoot to trouble weary air travelers.

If it's not a glitch on American Airlines software system it's the attacks in Boston that made it hard for many to reach or leave Logan airport last week, or bad weather some place that has ripple effects on the entire system.

This week, travelers woke up to disturbing news on multiple fronts.

A planned strike by Lufthansa's ground staff workers on April 22 led the airline to cancel nearly 1,700 flights including most long-haul flights.

According to Lufthansa's web site, of the 50 planned long haul flights in Frankfurt, only six will operate; in Munich, of the 17 planned flights, only three will operate.

In a small silver lining, all three long haul flights in Dusseldorf are scheduled to operate as planned.

Lufthansa said it'd allow passengers with flights scheduled Monday to rebook for free or get a refund if the ticket has been issued on or before April 20, 2013.

U.S., India Flights Hit

Lufthansa flights to the U.S. and India are among the dozens of international cancellations.

The airline's flights to New York, Chicago, Washington, Houston, San Francisco, Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru scheduled for Monday have been cancelled.

Lufthansa put the number of passengers affected by the strike at 150,000.

Help Line

U.S. residents traveling to India on Lufthansa should call the airline at the following telephone numbers for information on their flight status:


1-866-846-4283 (text telephone for hearing impaired).

SequestrATION Issues

Meanwhile, the sequester (government spending cuts) mandated furloughs of air traffic controllers kicked in Sunday and caused flight delays in some parts of the U.S.

Lower staffing levels caused delays in JFK and LaGuardia airports Sunday, according to flight tracking web site FlightAware.

The Federal Aviation Administration said flights from Philadelphia and Orlando, Fla., into JFK, LaGuardia and Westchester County airports were delayed due to staffing issues.

Mike Perrone, president of the Professional Aviation Safety Specialists, which represents 11,000 FAA employees, warned that an increase in equipment outages coupled with limited staffing of systems specialists and more open watches at facilities would cause considerable delays to the flying public.

Brace yourself, the summer of discontent for air travelers has started.