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Last Updated On: 10/15/2013

Thanks to the new HajjSalam iPhone app, Indian Muslims and their brothers elsewhere will be able to make the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca in a less stressful, more convenient manner.

Tens of thousands of Muslims make the Hajj trip every year from across India and wherever else the diaspora has dropped anchor.

Prescribed for all able bodied Muslims who can afford to make the trip from their corner of the world, Hajj is considered a sacred obligation and one of the five pillars of Islam.

HajjSalam iPhone App

HajjSalam App

Launched by Dubai startup Hajjnet, the HajjSalam iPhone app is designed to provide comprehensive guidance to pilgrims visiting Mecca for the Hajj.

HajjSalam's features include prompting pilgrims to read or hear the appropriate prayers at the right time and place, counting the number of circuits made around the Kaaba, and full camera, map and social media integration. Kaaba is the holy cuboid building around which the Al-Masjid al-Haram mosque is located.

Equipped with GPS, the app lets pilgrims tag their tent in Mina, where millions spend two of the five nights of the Hajj, to make it easy for them to locate the tent when they return from Mecca.

Pilgrims can also see where they are in relation to major landmarks and routes and know what's around them. Users can find the nearest mosque or hospital on the app's map.

HajjSalam can be used even before pilgrims arrive in Mecca via its packing list feature that helps pilgrims prepare for the journey. Users can create and manage a personal list that is accessible from the app's toolbar.

Other features of HajjSalam include a digital journal to record and share personal moments and photos with loved ones and instructional videos on how and when to wear the Ihram towels (white garments that pilgrims must wear before performing religious duties).  

HajjSalam is a convenient modern-day replacement for the traditional paper copies of Duas (prayers for loved ones) and notes that pilgrims have carried for centuries.

HajjSalam is currently available as a free download on the iPhone App Store.

This useful app is scheduled to debut on Android smartphones soon.