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 Business Class Airfares, Serious Savings

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Last Updated On: 1/9/2013

Just when you thought luggage was merely an inconvenient must have contrivance for throwing into the underbelly or cramped overhead bin of a Boeing Dreamliner or Airbus A380, comes a NYC company Genius Pack with a bold promise of innovation and extreme functionality.

Genius Pack has put out a line of luggage and accessories designed to make your hectic travel life just a wee bit less hassled.

Laundry Compression Suitcase

Although the company has introduced several luggage products, its flagship offering is the Genius Packer 22" Carry On.

Among the suitcase's 17 patent pending features is a novel Laundry Compression Technology that's supposed to compress your unclean clothing and expel the unwanted air through an air-valve located on the exterior of the bag.

Genius Pack Luggage with Laundry Compression Technology

Wait, there's more.

The suitcase packs several other useful features:

* An interior panel with designated compartments for think-free packing

* A packing checklist

* A station to recharge your cell phone from inside the luggage

* Mini pop-out umbrella from top panel of luggage

* Integrated speaker in the luggage

* Integrated toiletry kit

* A 4-wheel spinner set

* Suitcase is 22" Upright (Maximum Carry On Allowance)

* Dimensions: 22" x 14" x 9.5"

* Weight: 8.6 lbs

The Genius Pack 22" costs $198 (without the speaker, umbrella and portable battery pack)

Check out the 22" carry on and other travel products on Genius Pack's web site.


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