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When you see all the signs hanging on your son or daughter’s little league fence, do you ever stop to think exactly what that means?  They are sponsoring--paying money to-- the Little League to advertise their product.  Even if it is a strict donation, the end is still the same--advertisement.   

When it comes to airline awards, would sponsorship affect your trust when booking international flights?


World Travel Awards

The World Travel Awards are one such company that gets some of its money when they agree to advertise some airlines interested in more exposure.  


  • Company that recognizes excellence within the airline industry
  • Winners are awarded under many different categories
  • They base their awards through travel agencies, tour companies, and transportation companies
  • Aside from airline awards, there are many more categories including hotels, cruises, car rentals, destinations, resorts, and many others
  • Thousands of voters
  • Sponsorship allowed


Although it is all legitimate, some of these same airlines do walk away with awards for different categories.  Whether this sponsorship influences the votes, each side wins—the World Travel Awards gets the money needed to continue with their surveys for next year’s awards, and some airlines get more exposure.   Many other airlines who were nominated within the travel industry went on to receive awards without a sponsorship.


SkyTrax is a major airline research company who does not want to get their money through sponsorship


  • Market research firm that recognizes excellence within the airline industry
  • Winners are awarded under many different categories
  • They base their awards on an online survey  in which travelers are asked to rate their experience
  • Their panel consists of previous voters and frequent flyers
  • Only airline awards
  • Millions of voters
  • No sponsorship allowed


Although SkyTrax does not include sponsorship within the awards, some of its revenue comes from selling its survey information to the airlines, and this does not affect the votes.


Whether it is with a handful of sponsorship or not, both award ceremonies are based on surveys within the travel industry.  To view all the categories for the World Travel Awards for 2011, go to: http://www.worldtravelawards.com/winners2011-1



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