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Last Updated On: 9/2/2011

These days the nature of complaints against airlines has changed a lot. Not only lost luggage and discourteous attendants are not the only reason you feel peeved about the airlines you are travelling, but many other reasons.

As small a reason like setback TV not working can also irk the passengers so much that passengers don’t even wait for the flight to land and lodge their complaint. This episode occurred with JetBlue flight going from Chicago to Boston. The airport immediately reverted with a $50 voucher. It seems that the issue was mentioned on Twitter which has changed the way complaints were lodged against the airlines.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) report states that they received about 3,600 complaints about various airlines in a latest report that was published from January to June, 2011.

Although the situation has improved a little from the earlier statistics, but still more needs to be done in order to bring the figure further down from the present level. Mostly the complaints are about baggage handling, flight delays and cancellations, rude or incompetent service, etc.

The statistics however does not reflect the legions of consumers who are now putting forward their complaints via Twitter. Airlines people have also taken up listening, and responding in the best manner as possible regarding these complaints. The idea is to stay proactive and solve the matter there and then so that the matter is contained well within the limits.

A trivial issue like slow moving line during check in was also considered to be an issue that needed to be brought out before airline authorities and suitable redressel was sought. Twitter was again used to voice their grievance and the airline responded immediately as their image is on the stake. 

These days as it is there are variety of tickets such as cheap tickets, cheap business class tickets, etc available with cheap flights, cheap business class flights and business class flights. So more the number of passengers, more is the probability of airline complaints.


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