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Last Updated On: 7/27/2011

After Japan was hit by the horrors of earthquake, the travel to this beautiful country ceased for sometime. Now the country has started recuperating phase and the life is again started returning to normal. According to the statistics offered by Japan National Tourism Organization, Japan welcomes more than four lakh tourists.  

Businessmen traveling to this country dresses in a particular formal dress but for general visitors coming to Japan dresses have undergone lot of change now. Local executives have changed their dressing style. Power grid in Japan is straining to offer cool atmosphere to the executives working there after Japan was hit by earthquake. The offices themselves are encouraging their executives to shed their formal attire and switch to casual outfits. The formal dressing worn earlier was responsible for sweaty bodies. After earthquake hit this country, the overall temperatures soared and this led to the Japanese to shed their normal business attire and wear casual and comfortable clothes instead.

Japan used to follow strict business dress code’s and were very stickler about such etiquettes. Now the same Japanese have themselves launched programs like “Super Cool Business Campaigns”.  Japanese governments also asked the offices to set their AC thermostat on 28 degrees which is very stuffy given the high temperatures presently in Japan. This is done to reduce the load on power grids during summer months.  

Uniqlo, a popular Japan based cloth retailer launched a Super Cool Biz light summer clothes line to offer casual and comfort clothing to local executives in Japan. 

Businessmen traveling to Japan can use cheap tickets, cheap business class tickets, cheap airline and cheap flight tickets. Many cheap flights and cheap business class flights ply their services to this beautiful, technologically driven country.  


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