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Last Updated On: 2/6/2012

You walk through foreign cities to visit landmarks, and you think that you have seen it all, but when the cities light up, it is a whole new life that begins, "on the rooftops of London. . .what a sight!"--Mary Poppins.  What a way to get a whole new perspective on the city you are visiting than by seeing it from the rooftops.  Here are the top five rooftop bars in Europe to enjoy the city lights from.

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Bangkok, Thailand--Of all the rooftops to see in Bangkok, Vertigo, located on top of The Banyon Tree Hotel, is the most popular.  With this spectacular view of Bangkok, you really will feel like you're on top of the world!

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Dubai, India--The Rooftop Bar, located on top of the Royal Mirage Hotel, gives a spectacular view of Dubai.  Lounge couches are plentiful, and the lights from Dubai are an inspiration for poetry.

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Madrid, Spain--The Penthouse Rooftop Bar, located on top of Hotel Me Madrid Reina Victoria where you could possibly get a glimpse of a celebrity. Cindy Crawford's husband, Randy Gerber, owns this place.  Taken at dusk, the city is beautiful, but nothing sets off the view of the city quite like this bar does.

captain%27s bar in shanghai, china

Shanghai, China--The Captain Bar, located on top of Captain's Hostel, shows the city off like no other.  You truly feel like you are in a city of wonder as you are surrounded by an architects dream come true.

Aer at 4 seasons in Mumbai, India

Mumbai, India--The Aer Lounge Bar, located on the 34th floor of the Four Seasons Hotel, gives a view of Mumbai that will leave you sputtering when asked to describe this view.  There are no words, you have to just look and let the view speak to your heart.  India is rich in history and culture, and with this view of Mumbai, it will continue to enrich the world with its presence.

"A great city, whose image dwells in the memory of man, is the type of some great idea"--Benjamin Disraeli, first Earl of Beaconsfield.  With these tope five rooftop bars in Europe, their view sums up Mr. Disraeli's thought perfectly.


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