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Last Updated On: 2/13/2012

Not sure what country to travel to?  Sweden, Germany, and Turkey can help narrow down the choice as they have some of the strangest hotels to stay in.

Utter Inndescribe the image

This hotel takes art work to a new level.  Mikael Genberg, a Swedish artist, decided to use his artwork as a hotel for travelers.  On the surface, the hotel looks like an average, ice shack you would see in Minnesota for ice fishing, but beyond the door is the stair way to get to the bedroom below the surface.  When underwater, this bedroom offers a panoramic view of the lake.  Located in Lake Malaren, Vasteras, Sweden.

Ice Hoteldescribe the image

They're back!  Every year, Jukkasjarvi, Sweden builds their Ice Hotel.  One of the coldest stay you will encounter.  However, don't worry about freezing completely, they have warm accommodations for bathrooms, showers and a sauna connected to the hotel. Big tip: Don't drink too much liquid because if you have to use their bathroom in the middle of the night, you will have to go out in the cold to get there.  If you are not fond of the cold, you can book warm accommodations elsewhere and then book a tour at the Ice Hotel.

The hotel will be open to travelers until April 15th, 2012.

Mirror CubeMirror Cube Hotel in Sweden

What movie would inspire you to build a hotel?  How about The Tree Lover?  The hotel started from an idea, and made into reality in 2010.  Made of lightweight aluminum with an infrared coating so the birds don't get hurt, and plywood inside, you can enjoy this hotel for about $400/night.  Sure, that is a hefty price, but do you want to say you stayed in a plain hotel, or  have a unque accommodation in the Mirror Cube?


Propeller Island City LodgePropeller Island City Lodge in Berlin

This has some of the most unique rooms all in the same building from hanging cages, mirrors, flying bed, blue room (think Weird Science blue), and many other weird rooms.  Whichever, of the 27 rooms you choose, it will truly be a unique experience.  Located in Berlin, Germany, you make your accommodations and choose which room you want through www.propeller-island.com


Nautilus Underwater SuiteNautilus Underwater Suite in Fiji

Okay, this has not been built yet, but it is due to open towards the end of 2012.  If Turkey does not beat them to it, this will be the world's first underwater suite.  You should start saving now as you will be required to spend two nights down there at $15,000 for one person and, if sharing a room, $30,000.  At 40 feet below in a Fiji lagoon, maybe it will be worth it.  Keep watching the news as this will be a sensation when it opens.

There it is folks, the 5 strangest hotels in the world.  Don't stay in some boring hotel, live it up and make your vacation out of this world with one of these hotels.


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