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Last Updated On: 2/9/2012
Noma Restaurant

There are so many reasons to travel whether it is for personal growth, business solutions, or just something to do.  Why not travel for food?  The travel channel has Andrew Zimmern searching for strange foods, there is Adam Richman eating his way through fantastic food across the U.S., and now you can travel to taste the finest foods in the world.  If you love adventure, and are up for a challenge, start with the world's top 5 restaurants.

1. Noma--Denmark:  (pictured to the right) From #33 in 2006, it has quickly moved to the coveted #1 spot for two years running.  They offer nordic specialties such as skyr curd, halibut, musk ox, and other fine food.  Forget the wine, they use beer, ales, fruit juices, and fruit vinegars to create an amazing array of food to arouse the tastebuds and soothes the soul.

2. El Celler De Can Roca--Spain: From #26 in 2007 to #2 in 2011, this little known restaurant can take you back to your childhood flavors, long forgotten.  They take the tastebuds into a whole new world.  How would you like a little tree placed in front of you to start your meal with candied, crunchy olives?  Then while you work your way down the menu, if your tastebuds are not aroused, your other senses will be as the presentation and smells are exquisite.

3. Mugaritz--Spain: These fine dishes make for what the Gourmet Traveller calls, "an unforgettable meal with consistently excellent dishes that were restrained, refined and clever in both taste and concept. It’s a great reminder that when it comes to good produce, there really is no need to gild the lily."

4. Osteria Francescana--Italy: As Modena is an ancient Italian city, you can feast your eyes at the architecture then indulge your tastebuds as you replenish your energy.  From Alaskan black cod to the foie gras or "ice folly."  This restaurants claim to fame comes not only from the taste, but its presentation.

5. The Fat Duck--UK: From the cleansing of the palate with its nitrogen poached gin and tonic foam and working your way though the clever flavors, you will leave satisfied both in stomach and senses.

The world's top 50 restaurant awards are coming back on April 30th, 2012.  After sampling some of the world's top 5 restaurants, why not work your way through the new list?


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