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Last Updated On: 5/19/2012

School will be out soon, the sun will be high and bright, and you are among the millions of people who have been planning for a knock out summer vacation.  So, when the ocean is calling, Greece is the logical place to travel to with its blue water and bright skies.  Here are two benefits of visiting Greece this summer:

Greek Mythology

We have all been mesmerized by Greek mythology whether we are exposed to it via college classes, movies, and even plays.  Do you think us women could stop the war in Iraq if we put on a uniform front and withheld sex from our soldiers and those men involved with the war?  It worked for Lysistrata and the Peloponnesian war.  Well, in any case, Aristophanes had the right of it—peace is the solution for many things in life, especially a vacation.   Come to Greece to finally see what the poets and playwrights were talking about.

Greek Culturegreece

Nowhere in the world are you going to truly see and experience the Greek culture.  Whether it is a small Greek restaurant near where you live or you have watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding over a million times, it will never be the same as visiting Greece to experience the people.

Your Benefit

The best benefit of all is when you come home, unpack your suitcase, and sit with a cup of coffee, tea, or whatever and reminisce about your vacation.  This is when you truly feel changed.  You became a better you, you just did not realize it until you came back.  Your street looks different, the house or apartment feels different.  This is not a bad thing, it just means you have grown a bit.

So, whether you are planning your vacation to Greece or you have just gotten back from a vacation, call up air-savings.com, and they will set you up with a vacation package that will make you want to never leave Greece.

When you book your trip to Greece, be sure to visit these places for some truly fantastic gifts to bring home to the family: http://www.athensguide.com/gifts.html


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