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 Business Class Airfares, Serious Savings

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Air Ticket Deals

Los Angeles Sydney $1392 round trip
New York London $905 round trip
Chicago Mumbai $844 round trip
Washington Beirut $741 round trip
San Francisco Manila $890 round trip
New York London $2341 round trip
Los Angeles Tokyo $3090 round trip
New York Mumbai $3026 round trip
Newark Madrid $3324 round trip
Los Angeles Shanghai $3777 round trip
Last Updated On: 7/21/2011

Sometimes travellers coming to the airport are inexperienced and not knowledgeable about baggage rules in the airport. They are at total loss when it comes to carrying food items or some gifts for their near and dear ones while traveling. It is very important for them to understand 3-1-1 information that deals with food items and other things that can be carried along during air travel. Some people who are going to a particular destination want to carry specific food items with them as they believe that they won’t be able to find food of their taste in a foreign country. Similarly, they also wish to carry some gifts for their friends and relatives residing in the country they are traveling to. They need specific instructions and guidelines as to what things will be allowed by the airlines to carry.

To carry through the checkpoint, airlines frequently publish a list of items that are allowed and those that are not allowed. One can carry cranberry sauce, creamy dips and spreads, cologne, salsa, salad dressings, jams, marmalade, jellies, lotions, soups, wine, liquor, beer, maple syrup, oils and vinegars, pickles, perfume, gravy, etc in a checked bag.

As far as gift items are concerned, it is advisable to leave these items unwrapped so as security personnel can check them and then allow them on board. The gifts can be wrapped once a traveller reaches his or her destination to see a look of surprise on the face of your loved ones. Items that are bought after security checkpoint are already prescreened and as such they can be carried on board.

These days a wide range of airline tickets are available. Cheap international flights and very cheap flights ply their services to many countries offering affordable travel. Cheap airline tickets and cheap international tickets have made travel cost effective enjoyable for the travellers.


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