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Last Updated On: 5/15/2012

So many people are getting ready for their summer vacations.  They have put in applications for a passport or renewed one, applied for a visa, purchased necessary travel items, received any recommended shots, and gave vacation notices at work. 

If you are a part of the working class, be thankful.  Currently, the United States unemployment rate as of April is 8.1%.  While this percentage has changed little since April 2011, Spain’s unemployment has risen from 23.8% to 24.1%, and that is just for adults.  The unemployment rate for the youth is over 50%. 

What does this have to do with travel?  Madrid and other cities are under siege with protestors expressing their outrage towards the government, “They don’t represent us.”  While most of the rallies have been peaceful, you still don’t want to get caught in the demonstrations.  Instead of Barcelona and Madrid, try the outlying towns to relax in.

Nerjadescribe the image

Looking for the best climate in Spain?  Nerja should be on every travelers list of “have-to-travel-to-cities.”  With beautiful views of the ocean and mountains, one could easily lose oneself in the views alone.  The parador or “luxury hotel” is often a historical building that has been converted into a hotel thanks to Alfonso XIII; and a walk to Nerja’s parador will afford you the best views of the town.  With quality boutique shops, you can relax, shop, and enjoy Spain away from the current troubles.

FrigilianaTilework fro Frigilliana

How would you like to walk in every one of their little plazas and see an incredible display of ceramic tiles depicting a piece of the town’s history?  Of the many Spanish towns on the coast, Frigiliana is one of the most untouched towns.  If not for the historical significance, at least come for the wine.  It is legendary, sweet, and many travel there just to purchase this vintage.

Other towns to check out are:

Horta de Sant Joan

Santillana del Mar




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