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Last Updated On: 8/16/2011

Milan is a beautiful city in Italy known for its wonderful tourist attractions. The place is also known as a fashion capital. These days Milan is becoming popular for entirely different reason, albeit a good one! In the garden of the TermeMilano Spa, an orange painted tram car is kept that has offers spa services. Isn’t it interesting!!!


220px Sf streetcar 1811


Teak is used to decorate its interiors that reflect the traditional design of the tram. Italians have been forever crazy people with interesting ideas. This is the latest designer masterpiece from them that is creating waves in hospitality industry. This tram has been decorated by public transport designers QC TremeMilano. This is a stationary tram and the idea is simply to attract more and more people to avail the spa services in such as interesting location. The features and characteristics of an old carriage that were originally present have been maintained here and the features are such that the tram can still be operational.

With its wooden interiors, the place gives a luxurious feel although it does gets little stuffier at times, but the stylish surroundings help the guests forget this feeling. It is lot hotter than normal tram but again this unique set up forces the guests to turn a blind eye towards this issue.

The temperatures inside the tram range between 60 degrees to hundred degrees. The visitors coming to see this tram can also enjoy a wonderful spa experience as well. The tram has large windows through which the visitors can also enjoy outdoor view.  

This unique attraction is becoming popular all over the world and as a result many visitors from all over the world are coming to Milan not only for its other tourist attractions but also this charming tram with sauna services. These days cheap tickets, cheap business class flights and cheap flight tickets are available easily that helps the travellers with limited means to experience such unique attractions. Many cheap flights, cheap business class flights ply their services to Milan making it easier for the travellers to visit this beautiful city.


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