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Last Updated On: 6/2/2011

When the vacation time comes near you face a difficult and life altering choice, where should on go? We live on a big (in fact huge) planet so choosing a destination can be quite a task. So would have to read a lot about a lot of places to make a decision. When you are done with that part you would want to know about the best time to visit the chosen place.


If you’ve chosen Portland and have more than just a thing for beers then you should visit Portland during any of the below mentioned periods;

  1. May 27 – June 19 : Come around this time to witness the nearly 100 year old Portland rose festival where you should two parades , dragon boat races and lots and lots of fireworks
  2. June 24 –June 26 : Ever heard of a environment friendly beer festival? If the answer is no (which is highly probable) then you should visit Portland at this time of the year for The North American Organic Brewers Festival. The festival is aimed at saving the planet by consuming beer made from organic ingredients so that you can save the planet and have fun at the same time.
  3. July  : July is the just-for-beer month in Portland. Also known as the Oregon Craft beer month, the month of July in Portland sees around 120 beer events so that you never stay thirsty.
  4. August 12-August 14 : It’s the time of the special Olympics in Portland as the month of august offers a lot to eat at the Bite of Oregon festival. The beer however is still there!
So, try and plan out a trip to Portland around above mentioned periods. However if you are not able to do so , then not to worry, you’ll still get the beer!


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