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Last Updated On: 2/12/2012

When does photography and travel not go together.  You can't very well go to another country and express your pleasure to others through memory alone.  A camera is a must.  You can gush about the splendour of Edinberg Castle, marvel about the Eiffel Tower, try and explain the complexity of Stonehenge, even attempt to describe nature in the form of a waterfall, but unless you have a picture to go with your memory, nobody will understand the excitement nor experience it with you.  So, whether you are a professional photographer or not, plan for photography and travel.Victoria, Australia

Poetry in Motion

So, what do you see when you look at this picture?  Could you explain to someone that God must have blessed this land with its clean blue water and its towers of rock lining the beach waiting to pay homage to its Creator?  Without this picture, no one would have realized that the Twelve Apostles were so beautiful as they sit majestically in the ocean.  Photography and travel can be yours in Victoria, Australia when you take in this site as well as many other God-kissed land. 

Lake District in EnglandStill and Smooth as a Mirror

Robert Southey described this picture of the Lake District in Keswick, Cumbria, England.  One truly feels the quiet and beauty of this area.  If one were to pick a perfect church, this would be idyllic.  Imagine taking this photo and many other scenes of tranquility that the Lake District offers a visitor.  Come for the photos and stay for the soul.

Boabab Alley, MadagascarSoulful Delights

A road made from heaven.  Bryan Waller Proctor's description of the Lake District might has well have described Baobab Alley in Madagascar, " A spirit born of mountain solitudes and sights sublime, of earth and sky, and the wild-wandering air, is present here."  While this road is well traveled, it is truly a sight that eyes can never get enough of.  Madagascar is a beautiful country with unique wildlife and a beautiful land.  With photography and travel, you can truly see where God has kissed the land.

These photos are just a few of the hundreds of places that soothes the soul.  Make your plans with photography and travel, and map out locations where you would like to see to be a part of God's nature.


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