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People take vacations for several reasons, but usually it is to bring a little peace back into our chaotic life.  Sightseeing and finding things to do on vacation will only take you so far; sure, travel does take the edge off that stress, but the only way to be truly unburdened is to find a few moments inside a church or mosque.  Whether a person has faith or not, each church is blessed with a true peace that you won't find anywhere else no matter what itinerary you have planned.  Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, take some time away from your busy schedule to explore a church, even if it is only to see a magnificent building.  With God's blessing, here is a list of the top 5 churches in the world.The Chapel on the rock

The Chapel On The Rock

Allenspark, Colorado, U.S.A.--This church, built on solid rock, may not have happened without prayer and faith.  Monsignor Joseph Bosetti, knew he would have a church built on this very spot.  Constant battles with the highway department, needing to save money to build the church, and his ultimate faith in God's plan he finally was able to build the church after twenty years.

las lejas cathedralLas Lajas Cathedral

Columbia, South America--This church, with all it opulence, was built in honor and faith of the Virgin Mary and her son, Jesus.  It was a picture of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus in her arms that spurred the building of the church in 1916, when it was discovered on the wall.  Core samples were taken as the picture did not appear painted.  The samples were tested, and indeed it was not paint and the colors reached several feet in depth in the rock.  Today, the depth of the colors and how this was accomplished as the picture shows everything to perfect detail, still troubles scientists.Paraportiani Church

Paraportiani Church

Mykonos, Greece--Among many of the churches in Mykonos, this church is one of the most famous and photographed. This church was built on the site of one of the gates of the Medieval stone walls. Some parts of this beautiful church date from 1425 and the rest was built during the 1500 and 1600's.


old aker church


Old Aker Church

Oslo, Norway--Olav Kyyre may have been the one to have this church erected in 1080.  This church is the oldest and still active church in Oslo.  Although fire and pillaging have hapeened several times to this church, it still stands proud, with its doors wide open.




Church of Jesus in the Garden of OlivesThe Green Church

Buenos Aires, Argentina--This church is often referred to the "Green Church."  It is located in Vicente Lopez Partido, a province in Buenos Aires.  This city is the official residence of the President of Argentina.

There is no way a person could visit the thousands of churches on this planet.  However, you can start with whatever city or cities you will be traveling in.  Churches have a calming, definitive peace that other places lack.  Visiting one whether for prayer or curiosity, you will find the elusive peace you are searching for on your vacation or business travel.


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