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Last Updated On: 1/20/2012
Between visiting the Eiffel Tower, Stonehendge, and the London Tower, you have got to get some ghostly visits in.  After all, you are traveling in the most haunted areas of the world.  Here are the four most haunted areas of Europe you should include on your intinerary, in addition to cheap flights to europe.
  • Shropshire, England--Acton Arms, in the little village Morville, is reportedly the most haunted pub in Shropshire.  The pub was a priory, then a coaching inn, and now a pub.  People claim that they have seen a least three different ghosts wandering the pub at different times of the day.  The most notable, the White Man, who has been said to resemble a ghostly sheet.  There is the thought that this may be the prior of Morville, Richard Marshall.  It seems, after he retired in 1540, that he continued to collect taxes and other fees, but kept the money instead of giving it over to the proper channel.shopshire haunted resized 600
  • Kent, England--The village Pluckley, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, is the most haunted village in England.  Numerous ghosts include, a teacher who was found in a hangeman's noose, a screaming man who fell to his death, a highway man run through with a sword, and many others
  • Montego Bay, Jamaica--Rose Hall is said to house Annie Palmer, a voodoo priestess's daughter, and had quite an appetite for being a sadist as she made her way through three husbands, many lovers, and countless child sacrifices.  Grab a video recorder because many visitors have claimed to catch her male victims on tape. 
  • Edinburgh, Scotland--supposed to be the most haunted places in Scotland.  Will you be one of the many who hear a phantom piper, see a ghostly dog, a headless drummer, or colonial prisoners?Edinburgh castle haunted resized 600













Seeing the world is said to make you a better person, seeing some of the most haunted places in Europe will make for one hell of a memory if you are fortunate--or unfortunate--to witness paranormal activity in the four most haunted areas in Europe.


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