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Many eat to travel and many travel to eat, however only few are aware of what all to do and what all not do while dining at a foreign land. Most of the times when you are on your vacation all you think about is the taste of the delectable cuisine, seldom you bother to think about the manners which you need to adhere to or portray.

Given below is a list of interesting table manners, which might be new to you but would be a lot of fun to follow:

1. If you thought slurping noodles was a bad habit , think again as the Japanese won’t mind it when you slurp on what is called their stable diet

2. When you are in Japan you should really be careful about the direction your chopsticks are pointed in. If they are upright then you should lower them instantly as it believed that upright sticks are used to offer food to the dead

3. If you are fond of sharing food, then do so in a careful manner as sharing food with chopsticks in japan is regarded as a bad practice as that is the way how food is passed during a Buddhist funeral

4. The Russians love their vodka and also their table manners. If you want to earn some respect in Moscow then put your wrists on the edge of the table and also you should keep your fork in your left hand and knife in your right

5. Doing a lough cheers before your drink is common, but in Sweden it is considered vulgar, do make a note of it while drinking.

6. If you want to split bills, the France would not be a nice place to dine and sharing bills is not a good practice there and also do not ever discuss money over dinner.

So next time, when you decide to dine at a far away land, be sure to make a note of such table manners.

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